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COC Vehicle Certificate of Conformity
certificates of conformity online directly from the manufacturer 100% original valid for Import / Export and registration of vehicles.
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This site, founded in 2018, was born from the intent of two entrepreneurs who have different paths in the automotive field. Our company collaborates with over 20 American, German and Italian companies for the reproduction of perfect car license plates like the original ones.
In addition to the license plate replication, offers itself as a mediator with agencies present in all states for the issue of Certificates of Conformity (also known as COCs) these certificates are requested directly from the manufacturing companies, they show all the vehicle data and are necessary to import vehicles and register them in your country.

The certificate of conformity is issued by the manufacturer and shows that the technical characteristics of the vehicle meet safety and environmental standards. It can beeither a European (EC) or a national certificate.

EC certificate of conformity

The EC certificate of conformity is valid in all EU countries. If your car has a valid EC certificate, national authorities cannot request any additional technical documentation – unless your car has been modified since leaving the factory, they can then require it to undergo a new approval.