Current system

The current Austrian license plates have a format of 520×110 mm., With a configuration of black characters on a white background and a double red line on both the top and the bottom. To the left of the plate, the euro bands are shown, which is slightly separated from the edge of the license plate. Next to this is the regional code, which can be one or two letters. These letters can also represent the use of the vehicle. Below is the provincial coat of arms and below it, the name of the region is small, and finally 3 or 4 numbers and 1 or 2 letters.

The previous system (1947-1989)

From 1947 to 1989, Austrian license plates had a white design on a black background. The configuration consisted of one or two letters that identified the region followed by up to five digits. The vehicles of the army and the army began with the letters BH or W.

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