The license plates of Croatia have, from January of 1992, a configuration based on the region from which it comes, is, for example, ZG for Zagreb (the capital), or ST for Split. This code is followed by the country’s coat of arms. Next, the original format was 111-A, being expanded to 111-AA, and 1111-A and 1111-AA as the system progressed after more than 20 active years. Since 4 July 2016, the Croatian registration plates have the Eurobande on the left side of the registration with the country code: “HR” upon entering the European Union in 2013.

Other types

Custom plates are allowed by choosing the letters and numbers. Police vehicles have a series of 3 numbers, the shield and then three numbers.

Vehicle registrations in tests have the same format as normal license plates, but the code that identifies the region is followed by the letter P twice, and then three numbers

Diplomatic corps

Diplomatic Corps registrations, probably since 1992, have yellow characters on a blue background with a configuration of XXX-L-XXX, where X numbers and L identifies with a letter the type of diplomat or service it represents. The first 3 digits identify the country of which it is, including the number 0 on the left. The letter can be A (Diplomatic Corps), C (Consular Corps), E (Economic Representatives), M or P. Some diplomatic codes of interest are: 018-France, 030-Bosnia, and Herzegovina, 039-Spain, 055-Chile, 073-Portugal, 082-Brazil, 087-Kosovo

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