Estonian license plates are composed of three numbers followed by three letters. The background color is white, while the letters are black. All current plates have the euro band with the abbreviation “EST”.

Since 1996 only four letters are used. T for the county of Tartu, M for Saue, and A (until 2007) and B for the rest of the territory. From 1993 to 1996 the first letter identified the region.

The first plates of this country were issued in 1991 after the separation of the Soviet Union, composed of three numbers and three separate letters of a sticker indicating the year of registration. These stickers were removed in 2004.

Foreign residents in Estonia have a special black plate with white characters and the first two letters are “EE”. For trucks, the plates are configured with three numbers and two letters, with a white background and black letters. The bikes have the format “11-AA” with black letters on white. The number of plates of the Diplomatic Corps has white letters on a blue background where the first two digits identify the country. See the codes below and an example. Custom license plates are allowed for around € 330 if it is style customization of XXX-111 and € 1300 if it is letters and numbers.

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