Since July 2003, the license plates of Luxembourg have a format of 520x110mm. With black characters on a yellow background, starting on the left with the euro banda with the country code: “L”. The format is composed of two letters followed by four numbers. These letters are granted following a certain order, which begins with BA, CA, DA … Personalisation of the registration is available and in some cases the license plates of the old format (a black record) that consisted of five digits in the modern system, adopting the configuration of colours. The AA series is reserved for official vehicles and the ZZ for limited use vehicles.

Previous system

These license plates had black characters on a yellow background, having the peculiarity of having the European Union flag on the left side of it. The oval with the letter L was always carried in the vehicle. The format consisted of one or two (more usually) letters followed by four digits.

Previous to 1974
The license plates had a format of white characters on a black background, used from 1945 to 1966 with a format of four or five characters. Between 1966 and 1978, the license plates began to bear a letter in the initial part of the license plate, also with white characters on a black background, being able to carry the oval embedded in the license plate itself.

Other types

(Current system)
Within the current system, there are license plates for the armed forces, with white characters on a black background. Dealer license plates have a reduced format, in which they have a configuration of white characters on a red background and two small numbers on the left side of the license plate that identify the last two digits of the year in which it ceases to be valid.

Diplomatic corps

The license plates of the diplomatic corps have the same design as the current system, but starting with the letters “CD”, separated by four digits by the stamp of the Ministry of Transport. The first two represent the country. (See codes below).

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