The license plates of Romania have a white background with black characters. On the left, from January 1, 2007, the plates have the Euro bands with the abbreviation “RO”. Previously, it had the flag of Romania.

The current plates have a configuration of “I NNN LLL”, where “I” is the regional identifier of the vehicle, “N” are numbers (until 2010 they were two numbers, and later, they are three letters), and “L” are letters ordered sequentially. Although the personalised license plates are not allowed if it is allowed to choose in exchange for money, the letters that the registration will take.
The plates with red characters are for temporary vehicles.

Diplomatic corps

Diplomatic plates begin with “CO”, “CD” or “TC”, followed by six numbers separated three to three, where the first 3 represent the country or the organisation.

First registration of Romania

first enrollment Romania
The first Romanian car was registered in 1907, it was a Mercedes belonging to Prince Bibescu, and it carried on the front a somewhat curious license plate, a simple and lonely zero.

First Romanian registration

The first vehicles registered in Romania had to carry the license plate behind, and optionally carry it in front. The registration was granted to the owner and not to the vehicle, so if he changed the car, his license plate would not, and this new vehicle would carry the same number. Physically, the first license plates had no established dimensions, and could even be painted by hand.

Oval code

The oval code or identification code of present Romania that is RO is used from 1980 trying to unify with the code I.S.O. from the country. Previously it was R and previously RM.

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