The license plates of Serbia, consist of a series of two letters that represent the place of registration of the vehicle, followed by three digits, separated by a hyphen of two letters. This system began to be used in 2011 and has a blue strip on the left where “SRB” is shown. Between the provincial code and the rest of the license plate, a red shield is shown. The license plates advance from 001 to 999, starting with 001AA, 001AB, 001AC until 999ZZ, when the 1000AA begins, 1000AB … Click to view all the codes by the province of Serbia below

At the moment, the Serbian province of Kosovo, has its system of registration, in which instead of putting “SRB” in the blue strip of the left, it puts “RKS”, also on a blue strip.

Old system

A white plate formed the old vehicle registration system in Serbia with black characters, which began with the provincial code followed by three numbers separated by a dash of three other numbers.
After 2008, 18 new cities were added to the plates.

Other types

Diplomatic corps
Old system

The old system of diplomatic plates had a record of “IP-L-NNN”, where “L” are letters, “N” numbers, and “IP” the number (usually two digits), which identifies the country to which it belongs That Diplomatic Corps.

Current system

The current diplomatic plates bear some resemblance to those of Bosnia since both have a black background with yellow characters. It has a configuration of “PP-L-NNN”, where L is letters, N numbers and “PP” represents the country, which has a code reserved for the country itself. On the left side of the plate, the city from which it comes is shown (for example “BG” Belgrade) and on the right the expiration date.

The “L” can be different things:

-A is a diplomatic vehicle

-M is a mission of non-diplomats

-P is a journalism company

-E is for a temporary tourist

If it is also accompanied by “CMD” it is a head in a diplomatic mission and “CD” for a diplomatic corps

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